Differential Repair Differential Repair Abilene truck owners know is a task needed to be done by a professional. If you need differential repair or rear end repair in Abilene, come to National Engine & Transmission. For 60 years, we have provided front and rear differential repair on most vehicles, and we have the happily returning customers that prove we do differential repair right the first time.

When we service differentials, we will take the bad fluid out and replace it. The lubricant in differentials is like any other lubricant that breaks down, and it needs to be serviced. If we see a bunch of metal in the differential, we let the customer know it needs further investigation or complete differential repair.

Rear wheel drive vehicles are known to require differential repair, and that is why many people refer to differential repair as rear end repair. Differentials are included in every modern vehicle and 4-wheel drive vehicles, but the rear wheel drive vehicles are the ones that need differential repair or rear end repair the most.

If you live or work near Abilene and your vehicle requires repair, and especially transmission repair. We invite you to come to National Engine & Transmission at 702 S. Treadway Blvd., Abilene, TX 79602. Our differential repair shop is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM. Call 325-673-5055 to schedule an appointment.