Clutch Repair at National Engine & Transmission

For quality clutch repair in Abilene, drivers who are seek for top performance are at National Engine & Transmission. Does your Abilene vehicle require clutch repair? Personal vehicles and fleet vehicles with either automatic or manual transmissions require regular clutch repair and transmission repair as the vehicles age. By the time your vehicle reaches 100K miles, it is important to have regularly scheduled transmission repair and clutch repair to extend the life of your vehicle. For clutch repair you can trust, it is wise to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop that specializes in transmission repair.

National Engine & Transmission is exactly the transmission repair shop you should visit in big country. Since 1957, we have provided clutch repair, installed clutches on most vehicles, and serviced many automatic and manual transmission clutches. We have many return customers with personal vehicles and fleet vehicles because they know we provide high-quality clutch repair.

How do you know when your vehicle needs clutch repair? When a clutch needs to be replaced, you’ll notice that your vehicle slows down significantly or starts a chattering feel. Depending on the kind of vehicle, clutch repair could be $600 to $800 up for commuter cars, and more for heavy-duty diesel trucks. Most of the time, clutch repair is a 2-day process, so if you need to rent a car to get around Abilene, there is an Enterprise rental car service across the street.

If your vehicle requires clutch repair, differential repair, transmission repair, or auto repair, we invite you to come to National Engine & Transmission at 702 S. Treadaway Blvd. , Abilene, TX 79602. Our auto repair shop is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM. Call us to schedule an appointment.