Transmission Repair at National Engine & Transmission

Experience You Can Count On

If the wait has become too long and you’re in need of transmission repair Odessa, TX residents can access right away, contact National Engine & Transmission today to find the perfect solution.

We’re located in Abilene, but we recognize the need for auto repair relief in the Midland and Odessa area, so right now for a small transport fee you can have your car brought to our facilities for the auto repair job you require. We’ll quickly take care of it, and have your car back to you in 2-3 days. We at National Engine & Transmission don’t want to see any drivers struggling with the inconvenience of waiting for months to get a simple problem with a vehicle fixed. With our company longevity and commitment to quality, we’ll see to it that your driving capabilities are returned as quickly as possible. For professional work on all areas of your vehicle, including engine tune-ups, brake adjustment, clutch repair, and transmission repair in Odessa, TX, you’ll find that National Engine & Transmission can take care of your job the quickest and the best.

We’re a full-service garage with the ability to complete any necessary engine tweaks, larger fixes, transmission replacement, brake and wheel alignment, and electrical repairs. Our specialty ever since our founding, however, has been in working with transmission, automatic or manual, in all the various makes and models we’ve learned about throughout the years. We’re well-established in our community as the most trusted auto repair facility and the longest-running transmission specialist in the area.

Because we’ve spent so much time in such a specialized field, we can always promise top-notch work, from technicians and facilities that are ACE and ATRA Certified for the highest of quality. With us, you can get a great engine tune-up while special attention is being paid to your transmission, and we always work to extend the life of every vehicle we see. At National Engine and Transmission, finding transmission repair in Odessa, TX doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and we’ll do all we can to have you covered. Contact us today, in person, online, or by phone, to set up an appointment and have your car back on the road sooner than you’ll even realize.